About This Course

Good Leadership begins with character formation and the leadership of oneself. Our work and ministry in not just something we do but a manifestation of who we are. As Brene Brown puts it, 'who we are is how we lead.' This module is an experiential journey into the heart of leadership, where we shall consider how God's image and our self-perception shapes our leadership. It will also introduce spiritual practices that will assure you of God's love for you in your leadership, and grow your self-awareness so that you can discern God's guidance in your daily decision making at work.

(Note: This course is structured as a stay-in retreat. Retreat accommodation costs are separate. If there are COVID19 restrictions, it will be converted into a Zoom class instead)








Anthony Siow

Anthony  is a Spiritual Formation Mentor trained in the Ignatian tradition. He left behind a successful advertising career to follow God's call to cast the net elsewhere. Making use of his skills and creativity in advertising, Anthony incorporates the arts and popular culture into his work as a Spiritual and Retreat Director. Anthony conducts retreats regularly for BGST and serves as a mentor for BGST's Spiritual Formation practicums. He also leads silent retreats in Thailand and Australia.

Biblical Graduate School of Theology

BGST aims to bridge the gap between vocation and theology; we offer a thorough and systematic training programme for the whole people of God. This serves to help them live out their Christian faith in their vocations and be more effective in serving God, whether they are professionals in the workplace or Christian ministries.