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About This Course

In a post-pandemic world everything, including the church, is going hybrid. But what do we mean by Hybrid Church? This course argues that hybrid is a bringing together of onsite and online expressions of church. Hybrid Church allows churches to gather online for worship, for discipleship, for fellowship and for business. Hybrid allows people to gather where they feel safe and serve Christ both onsite and online.






4 hours


Pete Philips

Pete is Director of the CODEC Research Centre. With a PhD in John’s Gospel and many years’ experience of teaching/researching the New Testament, Pete now explores the interface between all things digital and theological! Key areas of interest include: (1) Bible in the Digital Age (2) Human adaption/transhumanism/imago dei research, (3) AI - and its use both as machine reading of texts and the more revolutionary general AI - authentic machine intelligence (4) Digital Humanities and its intersection with Theology in CODEC's research on Digital Theology.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Part I: What is Hybrid?

    • Lessons from Lockdown

    • Reflecting on your context

    • The Hybrid Church and Digital Ministry in Practice

    • Reflecting on your context

  • 3

    Part II: Case Studies of Hybridity in Formation

    • Using Case Studies to help develop our theology...

    • Online at Easter - Doing Church Online - Peter Phillips

    • Thinking about this case study

    • Doing Church in a Pandemic - Pastor VTJ Masakona, Pretoria

    • Digital Church Engagement in Hong Kong - Alex Yeung

    • Thinking about these case studies

  • 4

    Part III: Is Online Real?

    • Is Online Church Real?

    • Real, Virtual or something in between???

    • Affordances, Digital Confusion, Digital Potential

    • Blurring the boundaries

  • 5

    Part IV: Discipleship and The Hybrid Church

    • Discipleship and The Hybrid Church

    • Discipleship in your context

    • Elaine Lindridge on Discipleship in the Local Church

    • What Makes Disciples Grow?

    • Erin Green on Discipleship in a Pandemic

    • Reflecting on Discipleship in other Cultures

  • 6

    Part V: Bible and Prayer: Reflections and Conclusions

    • Prof John Drane explores the potential synergy between Acts and the Online Church

    • Church Architecture and How We Do Worship

    • Professor John Drane and Olive Fleming Drane share a prayer for the Hybrid Church

    • Creatively exploring Hybrid Church