About This Course

No one is an island. We achieve more and better when we work together as teams. This is not easy given the diverse personalities and experience of our team members. This course provides you with both the theological perspectives, and executive skills and tools to discover the strengths and roles of your team and you. You will also learn how to develop your team through coaching conversations.  

Each participant will undergo a coaching session for your Gallup & Belbin profiles.


Zoom Class




10 hours


Dr. Jeremy Gwee

Jeremy retired from an international banking career where he spent more than half of his 38 years career in various C-Suite roles. He now serves as Director, at the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) for Asia and Australia, where he also trains and coaches executives in business strategy, leadership, and leadership skills. Jeremy holds a doctorate in transformational leadership, is trained in positive psychology, and specializes in evidence-based assessments methods.

Dr. Lai Pak-Wah

Pak-Wah is the Principal and Lecturer of Church History and Historical Theology at BGST. He is the author The Dao of Healing and Christian Perspectives on Chinese Medicine and has published extensively in early church history, Chinese culture and Digital Theology. Previously, he was a Lecturer at the School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic and was engaged in investment promotion with the Singapore Economic Development Board. Pak-Wah has a PhD from Durham University, UK.

Biblical Graduate School of Theology

BGST aims to bridge the gap between vocation and theology; we offer a thorough and systematic training programme for the whole people of God. This serves to help them live out their Christian faith in their vocations and be more effective in serving God, whether they are professionals in the workplace or Christian ministries.


Pak-Wah Lai


Pak Wah is BGST's Principal and Lecturer of Church History and Historical Theology, he obtained his PhD from Durham University, UK. He is the author of The Dao of Healing: Christian Perspective of Chinese Medicine. Pak Wah was previously a full-time lecturer at the School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic, and engaged in investment promotion work with the Singapore Economic Development Board. He worships at Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church where he serves as Elder overseeing the Hybrid Church Initiative. Pak Wah enjoys engaging in Tai Ji and Wing Chun martial arts as a form of spiritual formation practice.