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About This Course

We were created to love Christ in community. How does that look like in a 21st-century world that is growing increasingly lonely? 

Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn, founder of the widely adopted 3-2-1 Spiritual Friendship Model, teaches how Christian individuals and institutions can practise fresh ways of doing friendship. 

Whether you're a new believer, a cell-group leader, or even a senior pastor, this systematic and Bible-based way will be an invaluable tool in your discipleship journey.

The course is available from Sep 4th, 2021.






2 hours


Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn

Soo-Inn is a director of Graceworks, and has been journeying with people through his ministry of preaching, teaching, writing, and mentoring, for more than 35 years. Originally trained as a dentist, Soo-Inn answered God’s call to go into full-time church-related ministry in 1981. He has a ThM (New Testament) from Regent College, and a DMin from Fuller seminary. His passions include connecting the Word of God to the struggles of daily life, and the promotion of the discipline of spiritual friendship. To date, he has read The Lord of the Rings nine times and his favourite movie is Star Wars 4.

Graceworks is committed to promoting relational transformation in church and society. We believe human flourishing happens in the context of loving relationships. We carry out this mission through mentoring, training and publishing. We help launch healthy Christian groups and strengthen existing ones — groups whose members experience authentic relationships that help them heal and grow in Christ. Our vision is to see such life giving groups thrive in church and in society.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Why Spiritual Friendship?

    • We Need Friends

    • Created for Relationship

    • Jesus on Friendship

  • 2

    What is Spiritual Friendship?

    • Spiritual Friendship Defined

    • The Basic Components

  • 3

    Spiritual Friendship in Practice

    • Starting a 3-2-1 (Part 1)

    • Starting a 3-2-1 (Part 2)

    • Obstacles to Friendship

  • 4

    Adapting the 3-2-1 model

    • 3-2-1 in a Church

    • 3-2-1 for Leaders

    • 3-2-1 for Small Groups

    • 3-2-1 in Other Contexts

  • 5

    An Invitation

    • Consult with Soo-Inn