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About This Course

The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) is highly regarded as a summary of Christian theology in the Reformed tradition and continues to serve as the theological foundation of several denominations. But perhaps the most enduring significance of the WCF is its all-encompassing vision, so that practically no aspect of church or human life is left untouched. Many have found within the chapters of the WCF a coherence and clarity, a biblical orientation, and a commendable refusal to avoid difficult doctrines. The course will begin by briefly setting the Westminster Assembly in its historical, political and theological contexts. It will then involve the individual study of all the chapters of the Westminster Confession, with input from the lecturer.

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9 hours


Tony Lane

Tony is Professor of Historical Theology at London School of Theology, where he has taught for many years. He has four degrees from Oxford University, culminating in a DD. He has specialised in the study of John Calvin, on which he has published six books and many articles. He has also written semi-popular books on the history of Christian doctrine, on Christian classics and on exploring Christian doctrine, as well as specialist studies on Bernard of Clairvaux and Justification by Faith. He is married with two children and six grandchildren.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    God and Man

    • Chapter I: Holy Scripture

    • Chapter II: God and the Holy Trinity

    • Chapter III: God's Eternal Decrees

    • Chapter IV: Creation

    • Chapter V: Providence

    • Chapter VI: The Fall of Man, Sin, and the Punishment for Sin

    • Chapter VII: God's Covenant with Man

    • Chapter VIII: Christ the Mediator

    • Chapter IX: Free Will

  • 3


    • Chapter X: Effectual Calling

    • Chapters XI & XII: Justification and Adoption

    • Chapter XIII: Sanctification

    • Chapter XIV: Saving Faith

    • Chapter XV: Repentance Leading to Faith

    • Chapter XVI: Good Works

    • Chapter XVII: Perseverance of the Saints

    • Chapter XVIII: Assurance of Grace and Salvation

  • 4

    Christian Life and the Church

    • Chapter XIX: The Law

    • Chapter XX: Christian Liberty and Conscience

    • Chapter XXI: Religious Worship and the Sabbath

    • Chapter XXV: The Church

    • Chapter XXVI: The Communion of Saints

    • Chapter XXVII: Sacraments

    • Chapter XXVIII: Baptism

    • Chapter XXIX: The Lord's Supper

    • Chapters XXX & XXXI: Church Censure, Synods, and Councils

    • Chapters XXXII & XXXIII: Man After Death, Resurrection, and Last Judgement